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A Beautiful Life

5 Star

A Touching love story that tugs at the heartstrings, ‘A Beautiful Life’ brings out the despondency and inner turmoil of someone who in the prime of his life is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Written in the first person, it tells the story of a surgeon who is able to appreciate the beauty of living despite the pathos and the angst that he goes through because of his malady. It is also the story of how his family conduct themselves with fortitude and dignity until the very end despite the emotional upheaval uprooting their lives.

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5 Star

Although A fiction this book has a lot of reality to it . The author has beautifully and subtly described so many challenges that a person diagnosed with cancer and his family have to deal with . Some of it includes financial,emotional and decision making issues. What’s lovely is this book will touch some emotional strings, there is humor some drama and at some point it canmake u teary eyed. But even as a third person not having any knowledge or any experience dealing with a disease like this, one can still relate to it somewhere . A Beautiful life is a very beautifully narrated book and a must read !!!


5 Star
Beautiful Narration .. the story revolves around a successful Dr who has to deal with cancer .. the way he deals with it and the way his family is portrait is something all of us can relate to ..
The best part is though it is written by a Dr the language used is fairly simple and easy to understand..!


5 Star
Just bought the book. Looking forward to reading. Highly recommended based on the first impression.
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