Weekend Musings


For someone on the threshold of the final decade of productive existence on this planet, it is time to reflect whether or not to perform a final waltz before fading away into the sunset.


The first emotion that I went through when I read the message on our group that Dr Shanta had passed away was, ‘a single boundary shot less of a memorable century’. The feeling of gloom was only dispelled later in the day when India scripted a memorable test series victory against Australia winning the Brisbane test.


2020…phew! A fateful year - by any standards. Battered economy, students in limbo and a non-existent social life!  While everyone is glad that the year is finally over, no way can we tell ourselves that the misfortunes it brought are past us? Many feel this could just be a trailer, and the main picture is yet to unfold.


The drama and uncertainty that followed the recent U.S. Presidency elections could easily have been avoided if only the American voters had the foresight to choose Hillary instead of Trump in the last elections - in other words, perseverance over personality.


It was on my second visit to the ‘City of Love’ that I came across her. Since my previous visit 15 years ago the city had changed; brooding and less welcoming, but then I had too and had no reason to complain.   

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